- Hotels

Every hotel is a story in itself... and the furniture we make is made to breathe life into this story... and thus spaces come to life... and the guests feel at home.

- Banks

Banks need the trust of their clients, which they get through their work. Of course the spaces where banking takes place, too, are important. Thus we also contribute our part and create such ambient with our furniture, to reflect the quality of work, which creates good business relations.

- Ships

The interior of tourist ships must unite several ambient... our furniture enables this... sleeping cabins evoke a sense of home, the scent of beautiful food and wood can be smelled in the dining rooms and in other salons, activities for the human body and soul take place... on our furniture. People experience a whole world in a small area... and leave Big...

- Business areas

It is in the business areas that the most important business decisions are taken and take place, but new friendships also form often. The furniture that we make thus reflects strength, as well as warmth and a welcome to everyone who enters the area.

- Showrooms

Sales mean liveliness and constant change... and to this we also adapt our furniture, so that it reflects the activity of the sales agent, who evokes pleasant feelings in the customer and a good foundation for cooperation.

- Furniture by oreder

Our guideline is to make the wishes of every customer come true. Thus, we listen to them and try to create unique furniture - just the kind that the customer dreamed about and designed in their mind... Thus, we make this dream come true...


The company is, together with its customers, always trying to find the best design and technology solutions and to realize wishes of our customers by using modern and quality materials. Our main principle is to consider customers` wishes and their satisfaction when using our furniture.

We cooperate with verified subcontractors to bring our offer to a complete whole and thus offer our customers products together with products of stone and glass as well as upholstery, metal, and belt products.

  • Construction & design
  • Technology development
  • Plan preparation and measurements
  • Sampling, coordination
  • Approval of implementing details
  • Preparation of production documentation
  • Production
  • Project management
  • Delivery and assembl